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Our Facility

Our facility is the perfect spot for any dog- social or shy! We offer packages for dogs who want to socialize with other dogs, and packages for dogs who prefer to have the humans all to themselves!


We have a 7000 sq ft fenced in outdoor playpark filled with toys and seasonal splash pool! Whether your dog enjoys running with friends, playing with toys, or just lounging in the sun, your friend is guaranteed to have a great time!


We post pictures of our playpark sessions on facebook, so you can check out what your friend is up to!​


In addition to the playpark, we have several 8x15ft outdoor pens with a gravel base and seasonal sun screens. 


Inside the facility, we have private kennels in a variety of sizes, complete with bedding, toys/treats (if owner permitted), and private water/food bowls. 


We also have an indoor playroom for maximum play time! They can be in here with other dogs, or just with a staff member. We have toys for entertainment, and beds and snuggles for relaxing!














We have a separate room for our feline friends with private pens and lots of cozy bedding, catnip toys, private litter box, and food/water bowls.


We are located in a building with Uxbridge Vet Hospital as well as a groomer- perfect one stop shop for your pet!





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