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Dog Daycare 


Don't feel guilty about leaving your furry friend home alone when you're at work; drop them off at daycare and pick up a happy and sleepy pup at the end of the day! 

Whether it's playing with some new friends, or just lounging outside, your dog will have a great trip at Bone Voyage!



There are many benefits of dog daycare: 


Increases social skills with other dogs 


More exercise to maintain a healthy weight 


Reduces bad behaviours caused by boredom






Daycare Packages


All our packages include:


Supervised outdoor play sessions in our fully fenced in 7000 sq ft yard. Dogs are matched into suitable play groups, or sessions can be one on one with one of our friendly staff! 


A private interior kennel for resting time with comfy bedding and optional chews/toys   




Pricing ​


1/2 day daycare (7am-1pm OR 1pm-7pm)            $33


Full day daycare (anytime between 7am-7pm)    $43

5 Half Day pass                              $150 (save $15)

10 Half Day pass                            $290 (save $40)

20 Half Day pass                            $560 (save $100)


5 Full Day pass                               $200 (save $15)


10 Full Day pass                             $390 (save $40)​


20 Full Day package                       $760 (save $100)

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