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Dog Boarding (overnight care)


Don't worry about what to do with your dog when you go away, Bone Voyage has the perfect package for everyone! 

Let us keep your pet safe, comfortable, and entertained! 

We are a smaller kennel facility (15 kennels), allowing us to give your dog the time and care they need.



What we Provide


All our packages include: 


Private interior kennels in our climate controlled facility, with commercial-grade air purifier 


Cozy bedding, and private food and water bowls


A minimum of 4 outdoor sessions per day (approx 20-30 minutes *weather dependent)


Indoor playroom


Daily picture updates of your pet on our facebook page


A safe, clean, and fun environment 


Lots of love and attention!



We have two outside areas: a 7000 sq ft fenced in play park with toys and seasonal splash pool, as well as separated 8ft x 15 ft fenced in pens. *Outdoor session location depends on package purchased.*


Sessions in the play park are social times and can be with other dogs, or just one on one with your dog and our friendly staff members! *Recommended for high energy dogs or dogs looking to socialize*



What you need to bring 


Up to date vaccination records for: 

Distemper/Parvo *required*

Rabies *required*

Bordetella (Kennel cough) *required* 


Titre test 


Your pet's food 


Anything to make your pet feel more comfortable!





Each price is per calendar day, and includes the overnight fee.

All play park sessions are carefully supervised, and can be just one on one, or in a group


Standard Activity Package:           $50 + HST

2 play park sessions 

2 outdoor pen sessions 


Medium Activity Package:             $55 + HST ​

3 play park sessions

2 outdoor pen sessions


High Activity Package:                   $60 + HST ​

4 play park sessions

2 outdoor pen sessions

Fee breakdown for Dog Boarding 


If you drop your pet off between:


7am-1pm = full day charge


1pm-7pm= 1/2 day charge



If you pick your pet up between:


7am - 8am= $10


8am - 1pm= 1/2 day charge


1pm - 7pm = full day charge



Premium Fees

Intact (Unspayed/Unneutered ) Fee for Pets over 1 year old*      $5/day

Individual Play (for dogs who cannot be with other dogs)*         $5/day
*If your dog is intact and individual play, only 1 fee will be charged 

Holiday Premium                                                                              $5/day


10% off 2nd (3rd, 4th, etc) pet's fees 

Special Services 

Handwalking in the yard available for mobility issues/post-ops  

Free medication administration (not including insulin; add $5/day)

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